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Last Friday I attended what could be considered my first local store event at The Brooklyn Circus. I have only been in the game since September, so I guess it has taken me some time to get out of my comfort zone. But what I enjoy most about having my blog, is that it allows me to meet new people who continue to inspire me. The community in SF is relatively small, and by small, I mean SMALL. Somehow everybody knows each other, but that is what makes San Francisco so unique.

I had told myself prior to the event that I was not going to purchase anything. But after a few Bourbons on ice, that idea quickly disappeared. I had been eyeing an orange beaded bracelet since the beginning of the night. Tried it on, took it off, said I’d think about it. Came back again, had them take it out of the case for a second or third time. Finally I decided to make the purchase. I had assumed it was a Brooklyn Circus piece, but the homie at the counter told me it was a local brand, pointed to the guy next to me and I was instantly introduced to Jereme of Mister SF

What I love more than discovering local brands is meeting the individuals behind the brand. You get a feel for their views and find ways to connect on a certain level that is not possible with the product by itself. With San Francisco born designers Mister aims to manufacture their products in San Francisco which I find to be even more intriguing. It was great meeting Jereme and I am looking forward to working on some projects with Mister in the future. 

Check out the Mr. Bad Tofu bracelet and others, here!